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What is Upgrate:
Upgrate is a simple program that help you to optimize, clean and up-to-date your linux distribution by managing packages and unnecessary files (Debian based only).


Upgrate 3.4 is here! New Interface, more simple and intuitive, with Ubuntu integration.
Don't worry, only the GUI is changed, so if you don't like the interface, you can download the 3.1 version.

Knowed bugs:
Version 3.1 and previous can modify the ~/.cache and the ~/.config folders attribute, please download the latest version, for all the problem, e-mail me (see the section Get Help).
Excuse me because Upgrate 3.0 and previous doesn't run on LXDE Desktop Environment; now with the 3.1 Version, Upgrate runs on all the Desktop Environment.

Upgrate 3.4 runs on Lubuntu 10.10
Upgrate 3.4 runs on Lubuntu 10.10
[Upgrate 3.0 screenshot]
Upgrate 3.0 general view
Upgrate 2.6 screenshot
Upgrate 2.6 "clean options" screenshot

For the project homepage see: www.sourceforge.net/projects/upgrate

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